Blinkie Tutorial

So you wanna learn how to make a blinkie eh? Well, you've come to the right place. Here you will learn how to make those cool, nifty* animating blocks with names on them.


  • A graphics program, or paint will do!

  • An animating program such as Movies 13 or Giffy

  • Patience and Creative Mind


Created: 10.02.05
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Revised: 22.10.05

The Tutorial

1. First, open up the program Paint MS. This program should be on your pc [Programs>Accesories>Paint] if it is windows. If you can't find it, then your pc probably stinks.

2. Once you've got Paint open, start with making the boxes. Now you don't have to make your own, some sites already have pre-made boxes for your blinkies like BlinkieMakers or If you choose to use pre-made boxes/blocks then skip ahead to the 5th step.

3. To make your block, you must first adjust the same width and height for each box. Go to [Image>Attributes] and adjust the following:
Height:14 and Width:14. Using the magnifying tool to your left, zoom into the small space to about 8x. Select the rectangle tool and out the block to the first option. Press Ctrl+G to view the grid so it's easier to outline the box to 1 pixel.

4. Once you've made your box select all [Edit>Select All] or press Ctrl+A and expand your working space by spotting the tiny dot near the bottom right corner of the box.

Drag it so that you have more room and copy and paste however many blocks it takes to make your blinkie. Make sure to overlap the blocks so that there is only 1 line showing after each letter. I'm going to use 5 blocks to spell out "blink".

5. Now zoom back out to 1x and click the text tool [A]. Make sure you have some space and drag your mouse and release to create a textbox. Right click and select [Text Toolbar] and select your font and make the font size around 7 or 8 (keep it small in this case). Then type in what you want to say in your blinkie and make sure to leave a lot of space between each letter (Roughly around 3-5 spacebars presses).

6. Select the [Rectangular Select Tool] and click on the second option [Transparent]. Take the first letter of your blinkie and drag it onto the first block. You can use the Grid [Ctrl+G] and zoom in to help you place the letter evenly. Do this for all your letters.

7. Drag the space so that all that's left is the blinkie (Be careful not to erase your blinkie border, you might want to zoom in to be more accurate). Fill in the background of your blocks with any colour you like [Colors>Edit Colors] and save them as a BMP because Paint has low quality JPEGs. You can make a folder to put them all in. If you have five blocks then you should have five seperate blinkie pictures. Now comes the animating part.

8. Fill in one of the blocks with your blink colour. Mine will be yellow.

Do this for each seperate block and then open up your animating program.

9. Open up all your 5 images and place them in the order you want them animated. It should look something like this:

And there's your blinkie!

FAQs-Animating Programs

If you're having trouble with Movies 13 one of the animating programs reccomended for making blinkies here are some FAQs that might help:

1. Where do I insert my files to animate?

At the bottom left corner of the program, it says [Files], click on that and it'll open up to your desktop or something similar. Depending on where you saved your blinkie images (like in My Pictures), it should be fairly easy to find. Once you have found it double click it and it will appear on the top of the animating space. It can be hard to find at first (trust me, I had the same problem), but it'll be a breeze because every other time you open the program, you don't need to re-click [Files].

2. How do I arrange my images?

Simple, all you have to do is click on the image in the order you want it. There will be some space at the top to view the order.

3. Am I able to see how the image will turn out before saving it?

Sure you can, move your mouse over to something that says [Animate] (I think) and click on it to see it on the box to the bottom right.

4. I have my image, now how do I save it?

If I remember correctly, you click on the button with [Disk Image]. Why not just click [File>Save]? because it'll end up saving as something other than a GIF if your images are BMPs or JPEGs.

5. Can I keep adding as much frames (images) as i want?

I think there is a limit to adding frames, if you go to the site/README.txt it says something about that (or I might have forgot).

Movies 13

Below is a simlified layout of Movies 13, this may make things clearer to understand.

Blinkie Tutorial © Fainaru. Ask before re-creating tutorial here.