Creating Swirl Brushes

Using MS Paint, there are limited options you can do to create graphics. In this tutorial you can give more life to your Paint-edited image by adding swirl brushes to it. Interested? Well, read more.


  • Paint MS/Graphics Editing Program

  • Winzip or WinRAR to extract font files.

  • Patience and Creativity



Created: 10.02.05
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Revised: 22.10.05

The Tutorial

1. Download some cursive/handwriting fonts for this tutorial using the font sites provided above and find out how to install them here. I'm going to use Porcelain for this.

2. Open up an image that you want. I'm going to use this excellent one of Cloud and Tifa from FF7:AC, which I have proudly watched. Credits go to Aethereality for the FMV Capture.

3. Once your image is opened, stretch your workspace by finding the tiny dot to the bottom-right corner of your image. After go to [Edit>Select All] and now you can freely move your image to the center.

4. Next be familiar with the text tool which is the [A] tool to the navigation. Drag a rectangle across your image so the text tool is activated. Once it is, right-click the text box and find something that says [Text Toolbar]. Here you can adjust text and size etc... As for moving this text box, put your mouse over the dashed green lines of the box until the text cursor turns back into the default one. Drag your textbox while holding onto the mouse and it will move. Know that you are limited to how much you can move around in the image and by adjusting the font sizes, you can have more freedom.

5. Knowing that, create a text box with the font size about 190-200 and the font colour of your choice (just click on a colour at the colour palette) before you start. Drag the box to the corner of your image. It should look something like this:

6. Do so for another corner and experiment a bit so it looks right and is placed correctly.

7. Once you have brushes where you want the (it is advised you place them on the edges) time for the next step.

8. Using the Select All option again, drag your image so that the left-corner is just the image and you're left with some access workspace. The workspace you can delete by finding the bottom-right corner dot and dragging it to make the space disappear.

9. Finished that? well you could decorate it with text too like what I've done. Then save it as a .PNG (or .BMP if it's a small image).

Finished Product

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